Unveiling the Latest Internal Combustion Engine in the Volkswagen Golf Model

The renowned Volkswagen Golf recently marked its fiftieth year, and the German company is gearing up to introduce its latest range, operating with an internal combustion engine, before the arrival of the new Mk9 Golf generation by the end of this decade, which will be entirely electric.

The new 2024 model of the Volkswagen Golf Mk8.5 is an enhanced version of the Mk8 released in 2019. This new model is the final result of a facelift process, and in the following lines, we will explore the key updates made by the company to its compact hatchback.

Engine and Power

The categories falling under the 2024 model have been divided into Mild Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV):

Mild Hybrid Categories

  • The first category, with a 1.5-liter engine, generates 114 horsepower.
  • The second category, equipped with the same engine, produces a higher power of 147 horsepower. Both categories feature front-wheel drive through a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Categories

  • The basic eHybrid category comes with a 201 horsepower engine, transferring power to the front wheels through a 6-speed DSG automatic transmission.
  • The higher GTE category, equipped with the same engine, has a higher power of up to 268 horsepower.

It’s worth noting that the electric range has improved in these categories, with the battery capacity increasing from 10.6 to 19.7 kWh, raising the range from 61 to 100 km.

Exterior Design

The modifications made to the exterior design may not be immediately apparent. However, the lights consist of more streamlined lighting units. As for the front grille, the base categories have received a narrower opening than before and a body-colored bumper. The top-tier GTE category, on the other hand, has been equipped with a larger grille with ventilation slots piercing it from the sides like claws.


The interior of the Mk8 Golf received continuous criticism for its complex control tools. Therefore, the updates in the Mk8.5 Golf include replacing the touch-operated buttons on the steering wheel with user-friendly traditional keys. Additionally, a 10.4-inch entertainment screen has been added to the base categories, and a 12.9-inch screen to higher categories like GTE. The control elements on the dashboard have become easier to use thanks to the new lighting units.

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