Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV Review: Specs, Price, Images (Interior & Exterior)

Toyota Crown Sport embodies the distinctive sporting spirit found in Japanese editions of the renowned Toyota brand. The company continues to impress with its annual updates to this sports vehicle, especially after recently equipping it with a PHEV hybrid version, making it one of the company’s most powerful hybrid models to date. Has the car managed to achieve the perfect balance between modern design and dynamic performance? Let’s explore that in detail.

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV Performance Pulsating with Power and Excitement

The new engine is designed with advanced technologies that provide smoother and more dynamic driving experiences. It features a 2.5-liter V4 gasoline engine working in conjunction with a pair of electric motors consisting of a lithium-ion battery. The total power of the plug-in hybrid engine reaches 302 horsepower, and it also comes with a four-wheel-drive system.

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV New Superior Battery

The vehicle comes with a compact battery with an electric range of up to 90 kilometers per charge. It can be charged for up to 5 and a half hours using a standard charger or as quickly as 38 minutes to reach 80% charge with a fast charger.

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV Design Enhancements Boost Performance

The vehicle is equipped with updated brakes and new 20-inch discs, providing greater control capabilities. The engine adds around 200 kilograms to the car’s weight, bringing the total weight to 2,030 kilograms. Additionally, it includes 21-inch sports wheels.

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV Significant Electric Power

One notable feature is the new system that allows passengers to operate the air conditioning and audio systems while charging the car. Moreover, it can supply electrical power with a capacity of 1,500 watts to support household appliances.

Summary of the New Engine:

  • Plug-in hybrid engine with advanced four-wheel-drive system
  • Provides adaptive and smooth control
  • Has higher horsepower than conventional hybrid versions
  • Offers a range of up to 1,200 kilometers when the battery is charged and the fuel tank is full
  • Supplies electrical power for other devices

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV Sporty Interior Touches

The interior additions provide a perfect element of attractive sporting elegance, especially after acquiring a compact interior in red and black, along with more spacious and practical areas.

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV Price

Toyota Crown Sport Hybrid PHEV is available in the Japanese market at a price of $53,000, which is an increase of $12,000 compared to the base model.

It seems that the car has garnered the admiration of many social media users after the revelation of its outstanding performance specifications. Will the company introduce it to other global markets? Stay tuned to keep up with the latest releases and updates from Toyota.

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