The World Awaits an Electric Version of the Famous Toyota Hilux

The renowned Toyota Hilux, already announced in its 2024 model with a hybrid diesel engine, along with new improvements and upgrades enhancing its performance, is now also under consideration for the development of an electric version. This information was shared by Emmanuel Bon, Head of Light Commercial Vehicles at Toyota Europe.

Future Electrification Plans:

In an interview with an automotive news site, Bon discussed that the electric Hilux aligns with Toyota’s strategy regarding electric powertrains. However, he emphasized that it is premature to provide detailed information as investigations into this possibility are still ongoing.

In 2022, Toyota introduced a unique electric concept of the Hilux known as the Hilux Revo BEV. This prototype offered an approximate range of 143 miles. Presently, the company plans to expand the scope of these electric vehicles in the coming years.

In conclusion, Toyota highlights that the path is open for various versions of the Hilux, and it intends to introduce electric variants across all its editions that have enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the brand’s history.

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