Škoda Achieves Significant International Success with the Delivery of 866,800 Vehicles in 2023

In 2023, Škoda Auto witnessed a remarkable increase in vehicle deliveries, reaching a total of 866,800 vehicles, representing a significant growth of 18.5% compared to the previous year. Additionally, by entering the markets of Vietnam and Kazakhstan in the second half of 2023, Škoda affirmed its systematic progress in the globalization process. The brand also focuses strongly on the Middle East, recognizing substantial potential for expansion in this region. In this context, the recently opened fully digital showroom in Kuwait stands out as one of the first facilities in the world to adopt Škoda’s new corporate identity, marking a strong beginning for the brand’s presence in the Middle East.

Germany remains the largest individual market for the brand, with the delivery of 157,800 vehicles, a 17.6% increase. In other areas, Škoda achieved robust results in the Czech domestic market, delivering 87,800 vehicles, reflecting a 23.4% growth. Therefore, the strongest growth was recorded in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. On the other hand, the fully electric Enyaq series, considered among the best-selling electric vehicles in many European markets, achieved a new record since its launch, with the sale of 81,700 vehicles, indicating a remarkable 52.1% increase.

Commenting on this achievement, Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Škoda Auto, stated, “Our customers have expressed great confidence in the Škoda brand, and I am truly grateful for that. The hard work of employees who design, manufacture, and sell our cars has led to impressive results manifested in the deliveries we made in 2023 despite all the economic challenges prevailing in the markets last year. The growing demand for our model range confirms the validity of our strategy to provide customers with a choice of vehicles with internal combustion engines, fully electric, or hybrid during the transition to more permanent electric mobility options. Our business model remains resilient, even in the face of new challenges in international markets that are difficult to predict. We continue to focus on what our customers want and continuously develop our capabilities to respond quickly to markets, including investing in the continuous development of our employees’ skills to ensure Škoda’s future.”

Martin Jahn, Board Member of Škoda Auto for Sales and Marketing, added, “Škoda Auto achieved a significant increase of 18.5% in international vehicle deliveries to customers last year, translating to an additional 135,500 cars compared to 2022. Europe, which remains one of our main markets, recorded a 27.4% increase in its western region, securing our position as the seventh-leading brand. Outside Europe, we achieved major milestones such as surpassing the 100,000-vehicle sales threshold in India over two years and successfully entering the markets of Vietnam and Kazakhstan.”

Growth in the Middle East

Škoda achieved notable results in the Middle East, delivering an unprecedented 108% increase in the number of vehicles in 2023 compared to the previous year. With the delivery of a total of 2,463 vehicles, the manufacturer doubled its figures from the previous year, clearly indicating the successful integration of the brand within the Middle East market.

As a significant example of this success, 2023 saw the opening of the first Škoda showroom outside Europe, adopting the brand’s new corporate identity, in Kuwait. This facility represents innovation and progress, not only enhancing the brand’s position in the region but also elevating standards by providing a fully digital showroom for a comprehensive customer experience.

With Škoda Middle East now looking to 2024, it focuses on expanding its footprint in the region further. The company plans to enhance the brand’s identity and expand its dealer network. As part of this strategy, collaboration with existing dealers includes opening new facilities to expand the brand’s reach and strengthen its presence in the market.

Łukasz Hońsza, CEO of Škoda Middle East, emphasized, “Our team is ready to launch the Škoda brand in new markets in the region as part of our commitment to reaching a wider audience. We are proud to offer European sophistication, innovative features, and unparalleled value for money. Škoda stands out for responding to the changing needs of customers, gradually introducing its models in the region, carefully selecting a precise range of products to meet the specific and unique demands of customers in the Middle East. With the arrival of 2024, we will introduce the Kushaq Monte Carlo, strategically expanding the targeted audience to include youth and diverse customer groups.”

This forward-looking strategy aligns with Škoda’s global vision, focusing on innovation and providing high-quality vehicles to customers worldwide. For more information and the latest news, please refer to Škoda’s latest press release from the main headquarters.

Vehicle Delivery Operations in 2023 in Selected Regions Around the World

Vehicles 2023

Vehicles 2022

European Union 27 + Norway + Iceland
Western Europe
Germany (Largest Individual Market)

United Kingdom

Central Europe

Czech Republic (Domestic Market)

Eastern Europe


China and Taiwan

Rest of the World


Total (Worldwide)

Vehicle Delivery by Model in 2023

(Numbers of vehicles, supplementary, listed by model; +/- percentage compared to 2022)

  • Škoda Octavia: 191,900; +36.0%
  • Škoda Kamiq: 116,500; +21.0%
  • Škoda Kodiaq: 105,900; +12.1%
  • Škoda Karoq: 100,100; +14.1%
  • Škoda Fabia: 4,400; +1.9%
  • Škoda Enyaq: 81,700; +52.1%
  • Škoda Superb: 67,400; +10.9%
  • Škoda Scala: 59,200; +49.8%
  • Škoda Kushaq: 26,600; -0.6%
  • Škoda Slavia: 19,900; -4.9%
  • Škoda Rapid: 3,300; -81.0%

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