Revealing LBX.. Lexus Smallest SUV

The countdown has ended, and the highly anticipated Lexus vehicle has been finally revealed. It is a small-sized SUV that is set to fill the gap in the company’s SUV lineup, and it is said to make its mark in the history of the Japanese brand, recounting its successes across generations.

Initially, the Lexus LBX will be introduced in the European markets and some other countries. However, the possibility of expanding its sales to include most countries around the world is not far-fetched.

The Lexus LBX is characterized by its compact size, but what are the actual dimensions of this vehicle? Let’s make a quick comparison between the dimensions of this new car and those of other competing cars in the market:

Lexus LBX4,190 mm1,825 mm
Mazda CX-304,394 mm1,795 mm
Ford Puma4,207 mm1,805 mm

The identity of the new car emerges from the front fascia, where the new grille design stands out. Lexus has maintained the “spindle” design and used it for many years in all its cars, but now they have adopted an entirely new design. Nevertheless, the General Manager of Lexus Design mentioned that they have already moved away from the previous design without deviating from its original roots, as the front fascia still reflects the brand’s design language.

The slim headlights come together as if connected, with a narrow opening extending across the width of the hood. Therefore, the design team had to reduce the size of the front grille and lower its level to meet the harmony between these elements.

Interior Design

The interior cabin of the Lexus LBX expresses the luxurious aspirations that the company aims to fulfill. It can accommodate four people on high-quality seats. The Lexus Link Connect system operates on a 9.8-inch touchscreen, and on the other hand, users can enjoy a unique audio experience with the Mark Levinson system coupled with 13 speakers.


Thanks to the updates that the company diligently added to its car lineup, users can now benefit from the Hey Lexus voice command system.


The Lexus LBX will be manufactured on the global platform of the Toyota Group, known as the GA-B. This car will be equipped with a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder hybrid engine. This hybrid system features the latest nickel-metal hydride batteries, which provide a wide electric range. The system delivers a total power output of 134 horsepower and 185 Newton-meters of torque.

This power is sent to the front wheels (17 or 18 inches) in the standard model. However, if the buyer desires an all-wheel-drive system, they can opt for the higher trim levels, which will come equipped with the Lexus E-Four system. This system includes an additional electric motor mounted on the rear wheels.


Does this car meet your desires and fulfill your needs?

Buyers will be able to place their orders in July of this year, while deliveries are set to begin in March 2024.

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