Lexus Celebrates the Eventful Year of 2023 Full of Achievements

Lexus marked the conclusion of the eventful year 2023 with success and achievements. Throughout the year, Lexus remained committed to enhancing the human-focused driving experience, prioritizing performance, innovation, and luxury. Lexus focused on meeting the expectations of its guests and customers, unveiling new vehicles characterized by bold design, intuitive technology, and features to enhance the driving experience and interior comfort. The brand made every effort to elevate distinctive lifestyle experiences, succeed in motorsports, and spotlight remarkable individuals behind the brand.

One of the key achievements in 2023 was Lexus’s affirmation of its future plans for a carbon-free future by introducing battery-operated vehicles across its entire global lineup by 2035. As a testament to this commitment, Lexus launched its marketing campaign “Lexus Electrified” in 2023, highlighting that people are the inspiration behind the diversity of Lexus electric vehicles. In January, Lexus showcased four electric vehicles – RZ 450e, RX 500h, NX 450h+, and the entirely new and globally available Lexus RZ 450e, the first purpose-designed Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), offering a dynamic driving experience and distinctive performance-focused design.

Lexus also provided home charging devices for RZ 450e buyers, complementing public electric vehicle charging stations to assist drivers in charging wherever they are. Additionally, Lexus added the long-awaited hybrid car to the electric RX lineup. The 2024 Lexus RX 450h+ is now available, offering standard luxury elements, intuitive technology, and carefully crafted features inside the cabin.

In the fall of this year, at the inaugural 2023 Japan Mobility Showcase, Lexus presented a range of prototypes under the slogan “Pushing the Boundaries of the Electric Experience.” The global debut included the next-generation BEV LF-ZC prototype alongside the main experimental model for the BEV LF-ZL, providing a glimpse into the brand’s future.

Throughout the past year, Lexus introduced several outstanding products that offered an unparalleled experience to guests, from first-time production models to customizations according to demand. The entirely new 2024 Lexus GX was unveiled in June, designed to inspire customers to pursue their desire for travel, explore unbeaten paths, immerse themselves in nature, and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

To offer guests more of what they look forward to, Lexus also revealed the Lexus TX, meeting the continuous demand from North American customers for a three-row, full-size SUV that provides ample space without compromising on innovative technology, enhanced performance, and the luxurious comfort they expect from Lexus.

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