Ford Recalls Vehicles Due to Door Lock Issue While Driving

Ford is recalling more than 45,173 vehicles, including the 2015 Fiesta, 2016 Fusion, and 2016 Lincoln MKZ, due to a potential risk of doors opening while the vehicle is in motion. The Blue Oval company has issued a decision to bring these cars in for necessary actions to address this malfunction.

Reason for the Recall

As previously mentioned, these vehicles are being recalled due to the doors’ potential to open while driving on the road. The reason behind this is a malfunction in the spring latch. With this defect, someone may need to make multiple attempts to close the door, and even if closed, the door may unexpectedly open while driving.

Recall Regions

This recall specifically targets regions with warm climates in the United States and other surrounding countries. Ford had previously announced this issue on August 16, 2023, following complaints from owners of the 2016 Fusion.

Steps Taken

Ford believes that approximately 45,173 vehicles are affected by the problem. Currently, dealers are inspecting the door latch date codes to determine if they fall within a specific timeframe. Technicians will then replace all four door components, using new and stronger modified spring components.

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