Changan Qiyuan E07: Is it an SUV or a Pickup Truck?

We are discussing one of the standout cars that was showcased last year, representing the initial model from the Chinese company Changan. This vehicle combines the characteristics of crossover SUVs with the practical elements found in pickup trucks, and it goes by the name Changan Qiyuan E07.

According to documents presented by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this car is expected to enter the production phase soon and will hit the market to bridge the gap between the truck category and the SUV category.

Changan Qiyuan E07 Interior Cabin

To understand the space offered by this car, it’s worth comparing it to a similar model, the Hyundai Santa Cruz. The new Changan vehicle provides ample space, being 75mm longer than the other car. Santa Cruz has always been known for its spacious and roomy interior.

Changan Qiyuan E07 Exterior Design

Based on the overall exterior design, the E07 appears to aim for a practical and highly aerodynamic vehicle, attracting affluent customers with an “active lifestyle.”

The company has not announced the size of the battery for its new electric car, but it mentioned that the electric motor will generate 338 horsepower. The car’s maximum speed is expected to reach 201 km/h.

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