BYD YangWang Reveals the All-New U7 Electric Car

BYD has made a bold and powerful entry into the electric car market, to the extent that it has claimed the title that was once held by the American Tesla, “the largest electric car manufacturer in the world.” Not only that, but the Chinese company is now adding a competitor to the arena, facing head-to-head against the Tesla Model S Plaid, which is renowned for its fame and power.

This competitor comes from the luxury car division recently launched by BYD under the name YangWang. The new car is named U7 and will join the lineup of electric cars alongside the U8 SUV and the powerful U9. The company has stated that the price of the new U7 is estimated at one million yuan ($119,254).

Although the technical specifications of the car are still unknown, the YangWang division reported that its drag coefficient is estimated at 0.195 Cd. This makes it capable of covering a longer distance with a single charge when driving on highways, and it will benefit from the electric four-wheel-drive system that carries a horsepower of up to 1,006.

When compared to the U8 SUV, which boasts 1,180 horsepower thanks to its four electric motors and another gasoline engine to support performance, the new U7 has achieved significant power without the need for an additional engine.

it is noted in the above image that the new car is equipped with a lidar sensor above the front windshield, indicating that it is equipped with a Level 3 autonomous driving system.

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