BMW 7 Series Receives Striking Updates from Mansory

The renowned modification company Mansory tends to be controversial in various projects, always working to provide new cars with unexpectedly increased power, not to mention design modifications to the exterior structure that captivate car enthusiasts.

As 2023 comes to an end, the German company decided to conclude its list of achievements by modifying the new BMW 7 Series and giving it a appearance similar to the Rolls-Royce Ghost modification project they undertook a few months ago.

BMW 7 Series Exterior Modifications

Naturally, the large-size BMW 7 Series posed a challenge to accept the idea of enhancing aerodynamics by adding a rear wing and an air diffuser. However, Mansory claims to have added exceptional dynamic features to this car capable of achieving the desired goal.

The exterior modifications also include 22-inch metal wheels similar to those on the Ghost, as well as red accents on the front grille, side sills, and the air diffuser. These touches play a significant role in enhancing the attractiveness of the new appearance.

BMW 7 Series Car Price

Mansory has not yet revealed the final price of the car, but we expect this project to be expensive and limited in production. The company stated that customers have the ability to customize the interior according to personal preferences, and based on these additions, the price will be determined.

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