Aston Martin to Unveil Exciting New Sports Cars at the 2023 Monterey Car Week

Aston Martin, the distinguished British luxury car brand, is set to mark its 110th anniversary with a series of remarkable events during the upcoming Monterey Car Week. The festivities will take place at the prestigious Pebble Beach, from Friday, August 18th, to Sunday, August 20th. Among the highlights of this celebration is the global debut of a new model, as well as the unveiling of the recently launched Valhalla, making its North American debut.

Valhalla pays homage to Aston Martin’s golden era, embodying exceptional cutting-edge features that provide a thrilling driving experience. This sports car stands out as the only model with a manual transmission and a front-mounted 12-cylinder engine, creating an exhilarating experience for car enthusiasts. Aston Martin Club 1913 will showcase the new special edition, while “The Quail” motorsports gathering on Friday, August 18th, will feature the new model alongside the dynamic DBX 707, the world’s most luxurious and fastest multi-purpose sports car, before both cars take center stage at Pebble Beach over the weekend.

Aston Martin’s DBX 707 sets itself apart as the epitome of excellence within its class, upholding Aston Martin’s standards for luxury multi-purpose sports cars. Packed with numerous features, it boasts exceptional efficiency, superior dynamic performance, stunning design, and unparalleled luxury. Its exceptional engineering design sets it apart from other vehicles in the same category, showcasing an extraordinary character from all angles.

Aston Martin Club 1913, a luxurious enclave within the Aston Martin Club, offers invited guests an exclusive opportunity to experience the most significant global classic car events. The club is situated overlooking the eighteenth fairway of the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links and the Stillwater Cove Park. The club will also present some of Aston Martin’s new flagship vehicles, including the Valhalla, DB12, DBX 707, and AMR 23.

The DB12, the world’s first grand touring hypercar, represents the first model in Aston Martin’s new generation of sports cars. It signifies a quantum leap for the renowned DB lineage, reimagining the world of sports cars and dynamic capabilities while setting new standards in its category. The DB12 blends superb driving experience with elevated levels of excellence, luxury, and cutting-edge technology, rightfully earning its title as the world’s first grand touring hypercar.

Aston Martin has created a dedicated studio within its Q by Aston Martin division at Aston Martin Club 1913. This studio offers customers a unique and distinctive experience where they can interact with Aston Martin experts to create bespoke designs. The Aston Martin team plans to offer exclusive test drives for the new DB12 and DBX 707, the luxurious and ultra-luxurious multi-purpose sports car in the world.

Aston Martin Club 1913 provides a unique opportunity to test-drive the Valhalla using virtual reality technology, offering a comprehensive insight into the exceptional specifications of this hybrid supercar. This technology allows customers to virtually sit inside the car and choose precise interior design specifications while virtually walking around the car to select exterior design features.

Commenting on this occasion, Renato Bezzaniani, Aston Martin’s Global Marketing and Communications Director, said, “Pebble Beach has always been one of Aston Martin’s standout annual events, but this year holds even greater significance as it coincides with our 110th anniversary, marked by the launch of several new models, including the global premiere of a key new model.”

Aston Martin’s 110th-anniversary celebrations continue throughout the year, showcasing an array of remarkable achievements. Recently, the brand launched the DB12, the highly anticipated new generation of its sports cars, alongside the exclusive limited-edition Valhalla. Aston Martin commemorated its anniversary by producing only 110 units of the Valhalla, pushing the boundaries of driving experiences to new heights.

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