Hyundai Venue 2023 Review: Specs, Price, Images (Interior & Exterior)

Can one car change your perspective on an entire car category? Don’t rush to answer before delving into the details of the Hyundai Venue 2023. Despite its small size, it has managed to leave an unforgettable impression with every step it takes on the road, announcing to everyone that it embodies practical sports design and spacious interiors with performance that aligns with the fast-paced rhythm of city life.

Hyundai Venue 2023 Embodiment of Practical Elegance

The Hyundai Venue 2023 cannot be imagined outside the city and its details. The concept of practical sports elegance is fully embodied in the modern crossover structure built on a short wheelbase that makes parking in tight spaces easy. The car maintains its unique presence and character despite its small size, noticeable in unconventional paint colors like denim blue and apple green.

In terms of dimensions, the height of the car is 1592 mm, with a length of up to 4040 mm and a width of up to 1770 mm. It stretches over a wheelbase of approximately 2520 mm. The wheels are available in sizes 15 or 16 inches, depending on the model, as shown in the images.

Hyundai Venue 2023 Spacious Interior

The observer from the outside cannot anticipate the spaciousness inside until they enter and notice how the brand maximizes the use of straight seat installation, giving front and rear seat passengers the ability to sit comfortably.

It features polished interior surfaces, significantly avoiding the use of plastic trims. The center of the dashboard hosts an 8.0-inch touchscreen for information and entertainment, and an electric sunroof brings natural light and fresh air into the vehicle.

Hyundai Venue 2023 Performance

The same engine is present under the hood of every Venue 2023 model, regardless of its category. The model is equipped with a Kappa 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine capable of generating 120 horsepower and 172 Newton/meters of torque, connected to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The vehicle offers three modes designed to give the driver comfort in choosing what suits them during driving. Starting with the normal mode for everyday use, moving on to the eco mode for fuel efficiency, and finally reaching the sport mode, which extends gear intervals, thereby increasing acceleration agility.

Hyundai Venue 2023 Safety as It Should Be

Hyundai has high standards that cannot be compromised when it comes to safety features in its cars. Therefore, the model is equipped with the following features, making the driving experience safer and more enjoyable for both the driver and passengers:

  • Integrated airbag system, including front airbags, side airbags, and curtain airbags
  • Rearview camera with parking guidance
  • Front SBL (Static Bending Lights) for illuminating corners and curves when the car turns at low speeds
  • Front Collision Warning System
  • Automatic Emergency Braking System
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Driver Attention Warning System
  • Blind-Spot Detection System

Hyundai Venue 2023 Sufficient Technology

The car contains user-friendly and easy-to-use technological features, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems that automatically operate on an attractive 8.0-inch information and entertainment screen. The navigation system resembles modern smartphone systems, and, of course, technological features include a sound system consisting of 6 speakers.

Hyundai Venue 2023 Price

Hyundai Venue 2023 offers a range of specifications that may vary from one category to another, affecting the price at which the car is sold. Prices start from $16,524 and go up to$19,300.

What Sets This Car Apart?

Hyundai Venue 2023 stands out from the large crowd of cars in its category with a set of features that give it a slight advantage, including:

  • Two-tone roof
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Wireless charging technology
  • Snow driving mode
  • Hyundai SmartSense driver assistance systems, with most available as standard across all categories and some optional.

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