The Latest Hongqi HS3 Offers Comfort and Enjoyment for All Occupants

Since the introduction of the Honchi HS3 to the markets, it has captured the attention of many. The most frequently asked question revolves around what the HS3 holds in its interior cabin.

Consumers often seek a car that offers space and comfort comparable to the price range of 26,000 to 40,000$. Therefore, the Honchi HS3, belonging to the SUV category C, stands out as an attractive option In the world of cars. It provides users with an enjoyable and luxurious experience through its distinctive design, unique features, and strong performance.

HS3 Design: Ample Space to Meet Various Family Needs

Considering that families typically consist of 4 to 6 members, the brand has designed the largest possible space to meet the travel needs of all family members. Based on the actual needs of users, Honchi HS3 has created a larger structure in its category with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 4655 mm
  • Width: 1900 mm
  • Height: 1668 mm
  • Wheelbase Length: 2770 mm

The interior of the car has been carefully designed to achieve a comfortable and practical result for all passengers, taking into account the best ways to utilize the interior space. The front row headspace in the new Honchi reaches up to 993 mm, and the legroom in the second row is approximately 966 mm, making it an ideal choice for tall individuals as well.

For passengers in the young age group and children, the car provides sufficient space for movement while prioritizing their safety and comfort inside the vehicle.

Honchi HS3 Cabin

Honchi HS3 is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof that can be opened, with dimensions reaching up to 1090 mm × 715 mm. These dimensions are considered leading in this category of cars, providing better lighting, ventilation, and a larger field of vision for both the driver and passengers.

Honchi HS3 features electric adjustment for the driver’s seat in 12 directions and 4 directions for the front passenger, with easy adjustment thanks to the available seat memory function. The front row relies on bucket seat design, which can provide comprehensive support for passengers’ bodies, making each trip a wonderful and comfortable experience. It’s worth mentioning that the recline angle of the rear seats is adjustable, allowing for added comfort during outings.

The brand has not overlooked incorporating its technological expertise into the HS3. It offers a dual wireless charger, the first of its kind in this category, with the ability to charge at 40 watts and 15 watts to meet the frequent recharging needs of the youth during short time periods. Additionally, 10 speakers have been added to align with the youthful spirit that dominates the cabin, serving as a great companion for long journeys.

As one of the representatives of luxury car brands in China, Honchi has launched other versions similar to the HS3, such as HS5, HS7, H9, and the new H5, along with many other models since entering the Middle East market in 2020. Its sales have increased by about 10 times in the past four years.

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