GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 Review: Specs, Price, Images (Interior & Exterior)

The GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 pickup truck has made its debut with bold visual modifications and enhancements in off-road driving capabilities. The upgrades include the introduction of a new AEV Edition with a luxurious design package that adds more stainless steel to the pickup’s structure, along with additional exterior badges. This results in a more striking and robust appearance.

GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 Sturdy Steel Structure and Bold Design

The GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 is the first of its kind, known for its exceptional performance on both smooth and rugged terrains. It features a robust steel structure that enhances its performance, with modified dimensions, including a 38.1 mm increase in ground clearance due to the suspension lift system. The pickup is equipped with DSSV multi-purpose dampers and runs on 35-inch tires suitable for all terrains.

In terms of design specifications, the completely new GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 comes with a prominent front and rear fascia. The front end is distinguished by upper and lower control arms connected to enhanced steering joints. It also includes a front aluminum skid plate and a larger steel skid plate near the transmission’s “gears” box.

Moving to the rear, the new GMC Sierra HD AT4X pickup features a new electronically locking rear axle differential.

GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 Additional Upgrades to Handle Tough Terrains

To enhance the performance and capabilities of the GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 in off-road driving, the pickup comes with a new off-road driving system. Although the carmaker is reserved about the details of this system’s programming, it has indicated that it adjusts and upgrades all systems, including the anti-lock brake system, stability and traction control systems, throttle response, and the speed conversion system with the standard 10-speed Allison automatic transmission.

GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 Elevates the Introduction of a Completely New Version for the 2024 HD Pickup

The GMC Sierra HD 2024 off-road pickup truck comes with two new versions: the mentioned AT4X, which we’ve detailed above, and the Hardcore AEV Edition. This edition provides the vehicle with a bold appearance, a unique style, and dominant performance on the roads. The package includes special exterior badges, powerful 18-inch wheels that complement the prominent exterior structure.

Moreover, there are new steel bumpers with an integrated winch and towing hooks. There is also additional protection underneath with durable steel plates.

As for the interior design, whether you choose the AT4X or AEV Edition, all pickup trucks receive a special Obsidian Rush interior design adorned with premium leather, comfortable seats equipped with a massage system, and other luxurious features that enhance the thrilling driving experience.

GMC Sierra HD AT4X 2024 Impressive Performance Reflecting the Essence of Bold Design

Naturally, we expect the 2024 GMC Sierra AT4X HD to deliver exceptional performance in line with its powerful and bold design. The pickup can be powered by either a 6.6-liter gasoline engine or a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine with a turbocharger. It can tow up to 8,391 kg of weight.

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