What to Know Before Buying an Electric Car

We are living in a time where the numbers and models of electric cars are limitless. Everyone constantly talks about the future of the automotive industry, emphasizing the importance of these economical and eco-friendly vehicles. If you are considering purchasing a new electric car for the first time, just read the following lines that will finalize your decision to join the owners of modern electric vehicles worldwide.

Your Usual Driving Style

When it comes to driving, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each person develops their own habits and driving style since getting their license for the first time. However, all drivers share concerns about the “driving range” and how it aligns with their daily and long-distance commutes in an electric vehicle. The following steps can help you understand the driving style that suits you best:

  • Create a detailed list of the essential needs and features you are looking for in a car.
  • Identify your daily tasks and measure your usual driving range.
  • Look at different sizes of electric cars and choose the exterior design that suits your preferences.
  • Choose the level of technology and modern systems you want inside the car.

Ability to Provide a Home Charging Station

Before entering the era of electric cars, you must think about the availability of the place where you will charge your car. Although public charging stations have become more common, home charging is more convenient and allows the car owner to wake up every morning with a fully charged battery.

Questions to answer before installing a home charging station:

  • How much electrical voltage do you need for daily charging?
  • Can the home electrical circuit accommodate car charging as well?
  • Do you want additional features, such as a longer and more flexible charging cable?
  • What is the cost you can bear when installing a home charging station?

Surrounding Weather Conditions

The Arab region is generally known for high temperatures most of the year. While this does not prevent owning an electric car, it may prompt the driver to take necessary measures to care for it and preserve the battery from possible damage:

  • Park the car in a covered or shaded area.
  • Avoid excessive use of the air conditioning system inside the electric car.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure to reduce resistance during driving.
  • Avoid driving or charging the car during times of significantly high temperatures.
  • Stop charging when reaching 80% to avoid stressing the battery.
  • Use energy-saving driving modes if available.

Challenging Roads and Terrains

You might wonder if an electric car is capable of handling rough terrains and adventurous roads. The truth is, many owners of off-road electric vehicles have praised their preference for providing powerful performance without the noise of traditional engines. The list below shows some electric vehicles suitable for off-road driving available in local and global markets:

Electric VehicleHorsepower
Rivian R1S853 HP
GMC Hummer830 HP
Fisker Ocean Force-E550 HP
Jeep ReconNot announced yet
Volvo EX30422 HP

Embrace the Differences Between Electricity and Gasoline

Opting to buy an electric car requires an understanding of the nature of electric motors and the fundamental differences between them and traditional engines. Despite the possibility of feeling nostalgic for some advantages of driving with a gasoline engine, you will undoubtedly not miss these drawbacks:

  • Fueling costs and frequent maintenance.
  • Annoying engine noises for both the driver and surrounding cars.
  • Environmental harm caused by harmful carbon emissions from burning fuel.
  • Slow response and occasional weak torque.
  • Lack of constant updates for the car’s information and entertainment systems.

Infrastructure and Maintenance Centers

Infrastructure has always been a significant obstacle to the spread of electric cars in Arab countries. However, things are changing now with local projects aiming to establish easily accessible electric charging stations, training workers for their maintenance, and establishing specialized research and development centers.

And what about the essential spare parts that must be available for electric cars?

  • Filters
  • Charging cables
  • Tires
  • Suspension system parts
  • Batteries

After this information, we hope any hesitation about buying a new electric car has completely disappeared.

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