What Do the Colors of Leaked Car Oils Indicate?

One of the recommended daily practices is inspecting the underside of your car to check for any leaks in fluids. If you find any, you’ll notice that the colors of leaked oil vary depending on the type of oil used or the part from which the oil or liquid is leaking.

Colors of Leaked Car Oil

Car manufacturers have specified the colors of leaked oil to assist car owners in identifying the source of issues in their vehicles. The fluids that may leak include:

  • Engine oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission oil
  • Radiator coolant
  • Gasoline

Leaking Black Fluid from the Car (Engine Oil)

If the color of the leaked oil is black, it indicates a leak of engine oil. The original color of engine oil is usually yellow or pure gold, but with continuous use, it turns black or brown. This color change is one of the signs of leaked oil that car owners may notice.

The danger of engine oil leakage lies in its classification as one of the most hazardous types of leaked oils. It signals a clear malfunction in the engine’s efficiency. Ignoring this issue can lead to wear and tear of various internal metal components due to high friction.

Leaking Blue and Yellow Fluid from the Car (Brake Oil)

Yellow or green colors indicate a brake fluid leak from the car. Just as mentioned above, the presence of green or yellow leaked oil is a sign of brake fluid leakage, and it should not be ignored.

But what are the reasons for brake fluid leakage? The following points highlight the main causes of brake fluid leakage from the car to help avoid unfortunate accidents on both highways and regular roads:

  • Leakage in the main cylinder of the brake system
  • Malfunction in the ABS brake anti-lock system
  • Damage and wear of the brake lining
  • Malfunction of one of the wheel cylinders

Leaking Red Fluid from the Car (Automatic Transmission Oil)

If the leaked oil from the car is red, it indicates a malfunction in the automatic transmission system. This system requires specific cooling and fluids to facilitate the movement of its parts, such as the engine.

The danger of automatic transmission fluid leakage lies in the driver’s inability to give proper commands to the wheels during driving, whether stopping or continuing the journey, and other commands.

Leaking Red or Yellow Fluid from the Car (Power Steering Oil)

The importance of power steering oil lies in facilitating its movement and rotation. If you notice difficulty steering from one direction to another, it indicates a power steering oil leak due to cracks in the power steering pump containing this oil.

As mentioned at the beginning, you can determine the problem by the colors of leaked oil. In this case, you will notice a similarity in the color of the leaked oil, either in the transmission or the steering. When you observe red fluid leaking from the bottom of the car, focus on the efficient operation of both parts and address any difficulties you may encounter while using them.

Leaking Red or Green Fluid from the Car (Radiator Coolant)

Some may think that red or green liquids are oil colors leaked from the car. However, these liquids may not be oils but the coolant specific to the radiator system. This fluid is characterized by multiple colors and its distinctive smell. Be cautious not to touch this fluid as it is highly toxic.

Like other fluids, the importance of red or green coolant is very high. It is responsible for the smooth operation of the cooling system, maintaining the engine’s temperature within the normal range.

Leaking Yellow or Red Fluid from the Car (Gasoline)

This type of leakage is distinguished by the strong smell of fuel without any visible leakage under the car. Leaking yellow or red fluid is one of the most dangerous colors of leaked oil, as it can ignite a fire in the entire car.

Motorcoaster Advice

In conclusion, we would like to remind you of the importance of periodically checking all the mentioned fluids. If you see the color of leaked oil under the car, you can refer to this guide, which indicates the location of the malfunction based on the colors of leaked oil. Then, promptly take your car to a maintenance center to address the issue.

As usual, we recommend visiting maintenance centers for comprehensive periodic check-ups of your car and ensuring its safety from time to time.

Finally, you can read the latest car news. You can browse the car reviews section on Motorcoaster to learn about the latest developments in the exciting automotive world, and you can view the best car tips & advice for maintaining your car to make it last longer.

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