Ford Ranger 2023 vs Ford Ranger 2022… Here Are the Key Differences – Car Comparison

The Ford Ranger has been launched with high-level standards and very detailed specifications, embodying the brand’s identity by relying on modern and advanced technologies, as well as exceptionally strong performance. The Ford Ranger falls within the category of small trucks or “pickup trucks,” considered among the most popular models of the brand. The iconic American brand introduced the new 2023 version of the Ford Ranger, incorporating several additions and features that pushed its design to new limits.

Differences Between Ford Ranger 2023 and 2022

Let’s explore some of the differences that distinguish the Ford Ranger 2023 from the 2022 model according to the following criteria:

Mechanical Specifications

The following table illustrates the differences between the Ford Ranger 2023 and Ford Ranger 2022 engines based on what is available in the markets:

Ford Ranger 2023ComparisonFord Ranger 2022
Ranges between 150-200 horsepowerPower392 horsepower
Ranges between 2.2 and 3.2 litersCapacity3 liters
Ranges between 385-470 Newton/meterTorque563 Newton/meter
FrontDrive SystemFour-wheel Drive
Ranges between 13.7 and 12.2 km/literFuel Consumption12.1 km/liter
4 or 5 cylinders (depending on the model)Number of Cylinders6

Exterior Design

Significant differences can be observed in the design of the two versions. The Ford Ranger 2023 features a more modern and contemporary design with prominent and bold details. In contrast, the 2022 version has a simpler and less modern design. The 2023 version is equipped with a comprehensive set of additional exterior features, including:

  • Bold front end with a wide FORD lettered grille.
  • Matrix LED technology headlights.
  • Chassis-mounted bumper.
  • 17-inch metal wheels for off-road driving.
  • Ventilation slots on the engine cover.
  • Raptor stickers.
  • Enhanced lower protection with the addition of a large front plate.
  • Additional shields for the engine.
  • Introduction of a new set of exterior body colors, including black, blue, and orange.

Interior Design

Through the attached images, we can’t help but notice the significant difference and the tremendous effort the company has put into designing and developing the interior cabin of the Ford Ranger 2023. It has undergone a qualitative leap in all its internal technologies and fittings. Notable modifications include:

  • Luxurious cabin equipped with the latest evolving technologies.
  • Extremely modern interior space.
  • 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster.
  • 12-inch touchscreen information and entertainment system.
  • High-quality materials.
  • B&O sound system with 10 speakers.
  • Premium leather seats.
  • Additional driver-assistance technologies.


The Ford Ranger has been introduced in the market with prices varying depending on the version and selected category:

  • Ford Ranger 2022 Price : Ranges between $24,200 and $33,000.
  • Ford Ranger 2023 Price : $60,400.

This concludes our article where we acquainted ourselves with the key differences between the Ford Ranger 2022 and 2023 models available, providing a quick overview of the specifications of each car individually.

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