Can You Modify an Electric Car? Everything You Need To Know

Modifying cars is something enthusiasts and experienced individuals turn to, making alterations and improvements to their vehicles and others. This is done with the aim of aligning the car more with the user’s preferences. These modifications may focus on the engine itself to increase torque and horsepower, or they may enhance the external or internal appearance of the car.

With the significant leap towards electric cars that the world is currently witnessing, many are asking the following question: Can electric cars be modified? The design, both externally and internally, of these cars differs somewhat from those with internal combustion engines. Additionally, the new electric motors have a different operating nature.

The Possibility of Modifying Electric Cars

Answers to this question have started to appear randomly on various social media platforms. In general, it can be said that there is a possibility to modify electric cars, provided the correct procedures and methods are followed. The components of electric car motors, such as the battery and computer, are more sensitive than those of regular cars. Tampering with these components without taking necessary precautions may force the dealer to withdraw the warranty from the car owner.

What Can Be Modified in Electric Cars?

Engine Sound

One of the most commonly asked questions about the possibility of modifying electric cars is related to the engine sound. Electric car motors, regardless of their power and speed, lack the exciting sound that enhances the driving experience. Unfortunately, creating this sound is still not possible. However, some car manufacturers have begun to innovate modern technologies that emit the sound of the engine’s rotation inside the cabin using internal speakers, mimicking the sound as if it were coming directly from the engine.

Ground Clearance

The second question regarding the possibility of modifying electric cars is about controlling the vehicle’s ground clearance. Can it be lowered or raised, with a modern platform supporting the car’s components? Yes, it is possible to modify the ground clearance of electric cars by using special equipment that considers the aerodynamics of the car. However, this can impact the electric car’s range if not executed correctly.

Is the Possibility of Modifying Electric Cars Difficult to Implement?

A crucial aspect facing the possibility of modifying electric cars is obtaining a modification certificate to ensure the car remains in compliance with official regulations, including the specific requirements for electric cars.

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