BYD YangWang Unveils the All-New U7 Electric Car

BYD has made a bold entry into the electric car market, even surpassing Tesla, earning the title of the “world’s largest electric car manufacturer.” Now, the Chinese company introduces a new competitor in the electric car arena, directly challenging the fame and power of Tesla’s Model S Plaid.

This new competitor comes from BYD’s recently launched luxury car division, YangWang. The new car is named U7 and joins the lineup alongside the U8 SUV and the high-performance U9. The company has announced a price tag of one million yuan (approximately 140,290$) for the U7.

While technical specifications remain undisclosed, YangWang has revealed that the U7 boasts an impressive aerodynamic coefficient of 0.195 Cd. This feature enhances its ability to cover longer distances with a single charge, particularly during highway driving. The car is designed to maximize the benefits of its electric four-wheel-drive system, delivering a horsepower of up to 1,006.

Comparing it to the U8 SUV, which boasts 1,180 horsepower thanks to its four electric motors and an additional gasoline engine for performance support, the new U7 achieves significant power without the need for an extra engine.

Lastly, in the provided image, it is observed that the new car is equipped with a lidar sensor on the front windshield, indicating that it is equipped with a Level 3 autonomous driving system.

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