Bestune B70 2023 Review: Specs, Price, Images (Interior & Exterior)

Byston introduces distinctive and innovative practical cars, among which is the Byston B70 2023 model. It stands out with its modern sedan design, elegant interior that combines comfort, luxury, and cutting-edge technology, and high-performance figures that offer both power and fuel efficiency.

Powerful performance with high efficiency

The modern sedan Byston B70 operates with a variety of transmission engines, and as a result, the production numbers vary from one class to another. The table below shows the performance figures and fuel consumption rates for each engine.

Performance SpecsFirst EngineSecond Engine
Engine TypeTurbocharged PetrolTurbocharged Petrol
Number of Cylinders44
Engine Capacity1.5 liters2 liters
Power168 horsepower214 horsepower
Fuel Consumption17 km/l15.7 km/l
Transmission7-speed Automatic7-speed Automatic
Drive SystemFrontFront

Enhanced Levels of Protection and Safety

The Byston B70 sedan is a symbol of evolution and innovation in the automotive world. It features a robust structure and an aluminum suspension system that provides higher levels of strength and stability during cornering.

The car excels in safety levels thanks to advanced technologies, ensuring a safe and secure driving experience for both the driver and passengers. The standard package includes:

  • 4 airbags
  • Front and rear sensors
  • Cruise control system
  • Blind-spot warning system
  • Anti-theft protection system
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Stability control system
  • Traction control system
  • Brake support technology
  • Automatic collision prevention brake

Distinctive Exterior Design Embracing Modernity

The new B70 sedan edition features an innovative exterior design that exceptionally combines luxury and elegance. The design shines with smooth and flowing lines, reflecting the uniqueness of the design engineering and adding a touch of unmatched beauty and simplicity.

Starting with the front end, it highlights a bold rectangular-shaped front grille that horizontally extends in the middle of the facade. It is surrounded by a set of modern LED headlights. The lower front includes an air intake of the same length as the grille but with a different design and dimensions.

The exterior appearance of the new sedan is rich with an exceptional set of elements and features that give the exterior design an unparalleled attractiveness. The most prominent of these include:

  • Streamlined rear design
  • Unique design for LED taillights
  • Front and rear sensors
  • Powerful 18-inch or 19-inch wheels (depending on the trim)
  • Integrated 360-degree camera
  • Power windows
  • Panoramic roof

Unique Cabin with Smart Technological Features

The interior of the Byston B70 represents a fantastic blend of luxury and innovation. The design features a unique style that combines extreme elegance and intricate details, using the best materials and the latest technological advancements.

The car’s interior includes 5 comfortable and distinctive leather seats. The seats are carefully designed to provide the necessary support and comfort during extended periods of sitting, enhancing the excellence and luxury of the journey inside the car. To further enhance comfort levels, the cabin has a set of standard systems, including:

  • Electric seat control system
  • Seat memory system
  • Automatic air conditioning system
  • Seat heating and cooling system

The B70’s driving cockpit features advanced technology that adds a unique touch of comfort and luxury to the driving experience, providing the driver with advanced control and an advanced driving experience. It offers a range of intelligent systems and technologies, including:

  • CD player
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio
  • 6 speakers
  • Steering wheel control system
  • Illuminated car dashboard (in higher trims)
  • Wireless charging system (in higher trims)


Byston offers the sedan in several trims, with prices starting from $19,800.

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