Why is Water Coming From The Exhaust?

Every component of a car is susceptible to complete or partial damage based on the consumption rate and the owner’s commitment to regular maintenance. One of the prominent problems people face in their cars is the emission of water from the car exhaust without understanding the main cause.

Sometimes, this may not be a cause for concern, as a slight water leak from the exhaust can result from natural condensation in the air. However, if the owner notices a large water puddle under the car due to water coming out of the exhaust, immediate and necessary actions should be taken to address the issue.

Water Coming Out of the Car Exhaust

If you’re one of those facing the issue of water coming out of the car exhaust, continue reading the article below to understand the main causes and how to solve the problem.

Why Water Comes Out of the Car Exhaust

Before explaining why water comes out of the car exhaust, let’s first understand the working principle of this system. The exhaust system simply works to expel gases and residues resulting from the combustion process that occurs in the cylinder, ejecting them from the exhaust pipe extending from under the car’s chassis to the rear. However, at times, some may notice that these gases and smoke are accompanied by the emission of water from the car exhaust.

The reason behind water coming out of the car exhaust is the occurrence of high pressure inside the combustion chamber without proper drainage of the resulting waste. Additionally, the failure of carbon dioxide and water to convert into vapor and exit the pipe is a clear indication of a malfunction in the system or one of the engine components.

Engine Coolant Damage

Function: A component of the engine cylinder that operates with a reciprocating motion, generating pressure for fuel and air inside the cylinder. When moving upward, it pushes emissions from the cylinder into the exhaust system.

When this part malfunctions, harmful gases accumulate inside the exhaust, and both parts fail to perform their required functions. This leads to the observation of water coming out of the car exhaust.

Cylinder Head Damage

Function: Isolating liquids such as oils and coolants from entering the cylinder.

When the cylinder head, also known as the head gasket, is damaged, these liquids may leak into the combustion chamber, mixing with the fuel. This disturbance in the combustion process and the density of gases exiting the system can lead to water coming out of the car exhaust.

Exhaust System Pipe Malfunction

The primary reason for water coming out of the car exhaust may be damage to the system itself, extending from under the car chassis in terms of connection methods or the presence of rust, corrosion, or holes.

How to Solve the Problem of Water Coming Out of the Car Exhaust

One of the simplest solutions that a car owner can follow if they notice a hole in the pipe and water coming out of the exhaust is to clean it thoroughly, wrap it to seal these holes, and then head to a maintenance center to address the issue, possibly replacing it with a new one. The same applies when any of the mentioned parts are damaged, requiring the expertise of maintenance center professionals.

In conclusion, we have clarified through this article why water comes out of the car exhaust. As usual, it is always recommended to perform regular maintenance on your car to ensure the longevity and safety of its components.

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