Why Does My Car Vibrate a Lot?

Engine vibration can be an annoying issue in most cars at times, and this problem can occur for various reasons, with the primary cause revolving around the damage to one of the internal engine components. It’s worth noting that vibrations can occur during startup, idle, or while driving.

Causes of Engine Vibration

Here, we will outline the causes of car vibration while stationary, during startup, and while driving, along with remedies for addressing engine vibration.

Causes of Engine Vibration During Startup

  • The engine temperature does not rise to the normal level when starting the car.
  • Malfunction in the combustion process and irregular fuel quantities entering the combustion chambers due to an issue with fuel injectors.
  • Wear and tear of spark plugs.
  • Damage to the coils (transformer), as they are responsible for generating sufficient spark for the combustion process.
  • Filter damage due to neglecting periodic maintenance and continuous cleaning.

Causes of Engine Vibration While Driving

  • Damage to the car’s computer due to water leakage.
  • Air filter blockage from dust and dirt.
  • Coil damage.
  • Engine temperature drop, leading to poor oil movement within the engine parts.

Causes of Engine Vibration While Stationary

  • Mechanical part instability.
  • Engine chain damage, resulting in a whistling sound.
  • Spark plug damage.
  • Air filter blockage.
  • Fuel level drop.

Remedies for Engine Vibration

  • Turn off the engine and inspect it yourself if you have the experience and sufficient knowledge, or take the car to a maintenance center.
  • Do not neglect the car’s periodic maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure to fill the fuel tank and avoid driving with a nearly empty fuel tank.
  • Clean the filters in the fuel and engine system.
  • Replace damaged spark plugs.

By doing so, you will be familiar with the causes of engine vibration and how to eliminate it. Always make sure to follow the car’s periodic maintenance schedule to drive smoothly for a longer period.

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