When Should You Replace Tires?

Driving with stability and balance is the cornerstone of safety and general road safety. This, of course, depends on the driver’s attentiveness and caution while driving, in addition to the safety of the car and all its parts. One of the most crucial components that play a significant role in maintaining the car’s stability is the tires. It is worth noting that the presence of one sign of car tire damage may be sufficient to cause a dangerous traffic accident.

Signs of Car Tire Damage

Due to the importance of tire safety, we have prepared some tips in the following lines to maintain tire safety. We have also mentioned signs of car tire damage to avoid future risks.

Indicators of Car Tire Damage

The following points highlight signs that both experts and car owners notice, indicating the end of the tire’s expected lifespan:

Tire Tread Wear

One of the most noticeable signs is rapid wear due to the thinning of tire treads. Such wear can lead to the car sliding during driving because the tires lack proper grip on the asphalt.

Cracks and Scratches

Any cracking, drying, or scratches on the tires indicate the end of the tire’s expected lifespan. This is a very serious sign that increases the likelihood of the tire exploding while driving.

Car Vibration and Unusual Sounds

Over time, tires may start producing unfamiliar sounds, whether driving on straight roads, potholes, or bumps. The driver may hear the sound of the tires rubbing against the asphalt. On the other hand, prolonged tire damage significantly affects the suspension system, causing car vibration and instability.

Rapid and Continuous Air Leakage

This is easily noticeable, especially when the car owner inflates the tire frequently within very short periods. This is a sign of tire wear or the presence of a puncture.

Bulging of the Tire from Specific Points

This type of sign is sometimes referred to as “tire egg.” It appears as a bulge similar to an air bubble at the edges of the tire. This bulge occurs due to an impact with hard surfaces and has a similar effect to cracks, potentially leading to a sudden tire explosion later.

Tips to Preserve Tires for a Longer Period

  • Regularly check tire air pressure.
  • Avoid parking the car under the sun for an extended period, as sunlight is a significant factor in tire wear.
  • Take the car to a maintenance center if you notice a tire puncture to address the issue correctly or replace the tire entirely if the puncture is significant.
  • Do not neglect the tire production date and the indicators that help you maintain tire safety. This information can be found on the tire energy efficiency card.

Common Questions About Tire Damage

When should car tires be replaced?

The answer depends on the type and quality of the tires, but generally, the lifespan of car tires depends on the distance traveled. Some experts suggest changing tires after covering 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers.

What causes tire whining?

This sound is not related to the tires but to the wheels and brakes. In this case, take your car to a maintenance center to check the brake system and hubs.

What is the reason for tire venting?

Tire venting or inflation is entirely normal, but only to a certain extent. Ensure you fill the tire with air whenever you notice it has deflated or ask a specialist to inspect it thoroughly and look for potential air leaks.

What causes tire explosions?

There are multiple reasons for car tire damage and explosions, including driving over sharp objects, improper tire air pressure, overloading the car, using low-quality tires, and driving at consistently high speeds or on rough roads without considering that car tires are not qualified for such conditions.

In conclusion, we have now become familiar with signs of car tire damage, preventive measures to avoid unfortunate accidents while driving, and common practices that some people follow, causing tire damage.

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