What to Consider When Changing Car Glass?

Like any part of a car, the expected lifespan of glass will eventually end, and it should be replaced due to numerous scratches or breakage caused by an accident or other incidents. Over the years, many questions have arisen about how to handle this matter. In the following article, we will discuss choosing new car glass and the considerations to keep in mind.

Car glass vs regular glass

In short, car glass is heat-treated to increase its hardness. Unlike regular glass, this type of glass is four times stronger and is called “Tempered Glass.” It is used for side windows and rear glass.

As for the front glass, it is made of “Laminated Glass,” consisting of two layers of tempered glass with a transparent adhesive material between them. This adhesive ensures that the glass shards do not scatter in the event of an accident, preventing harm to passengers. It is essential to note that any car glass should have a label indicating the type of glass, whether it is Tempered or Laminated, in the corner. Many people notice the presence of black dots on the edges of the glass.

These are ceramic material dots that protect the adhesive substance between the glass layers from the sun. They also gradually absorb external heat to prevent damage to the glass.

Considerations When Changing Car Glass

  • Suitability for Your Car: Ensure that the glass is suitable for your car and its features. If your car’s original glass is equipped with ADAS-assisted cameras connected to various car systems such as ABS and lane monitoring, the new glass may not have these cameras. In such cases, the warning lights on the dashboard may illuminate.
  • ADAS System Compatibility: If the glass is suitable for the ADAS system, make sure it is free of impurities that may affect the accuracy of the installed ADAS cameras. Adjust the dimensions and readings of the cameras to ensure their effective operation when changing the glass.
  • Glass Strength: Verify the strength of the glass and its ability to withstand sand, dust, traffic accidents, and resistance to scratches.
  • Avoid Corrugated Glass Installation: Be cautious about installing corrugated glass as it affects visibility and focus.

Signs Indicating Incorrect Glass Installation:

  • Hearing strange rattling sounds, indicating the presence of small remnants of old glass not adequately removed.
  • Air leakage from the edges of the glass or hearing a whistling sound, which may lead to water entering the cabin on rainy days.
  • Breaking the inner layer of glass, indicating improper installation near the structure, causing it to collide during driving.

Is There a Difference Between Original and Commercial Glass?

Many believe that commercial glass may be weaker in terms of safety. However, in this context, there is no difference between it and the original glass. Any merchant cannot sell glass that does not comply with the safety standards and regulations of the standards authority in any country.

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