What is a water pump on a car?

The following question is frequently posed on the Google search engine and various social media platforms: “What is the reason for the engine temperature rising?” There are numerous answers explaining the reasons for the engine temperature increase, and one of the most significant contributors to this is the malfunction of the car’s water pump, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the engine and the safety of its components.

Car Water Pump

Continue reading the article below to learn about the function of the car’s water pump and its role in maintaining the engine. We will also highlight the most important signs of water pump damage and answer key questions about the car’s water pump, such as its expected lifespan, price, and more.

What is the Function of the Car’s Water Pump?

The car’s water pump, also known as the water pump for the car, is a very important part of the engine’s cooling system. The car’s water pump is located next to the engine and can be easily seen.

The function of the car’s water pump involves pumping the coolant from the radiator to the engine to maintain its normal temperature during the combustion process. Water pump damage leads to an increase in the engine’s temperature, affecting the safety and performance of other parts.

Causes of Water Pump Damage in the Car

How do I know if the water pump is weak? Simply, many car owners will notice a decline in the engine’s performance and a continuous rise in its temperature when there is a water pump leak. Upon inspection, the driver will notice signs of water pump damage. Like any part of the car’s internal components, the symptoms of water pump damage can be addressed at specialized maintenance centers.

Here are the most important causes of water pump damage in the car:

  • Low amount of coolant
  • There is a leak from the car’s water pump system. This is due to the radiator cap not being closed tightly or a hole being found in the internal radiator pipes.
  • The appearance of rust on the components of the car’s water pump system due to salts in the water itself
  • The fluid inside the car’s water pump froze and the radiator stopped working. In this case, an appropriate amount of Antifreeze fluid should be added so that you are not exposed to this problem, especially in the winter.
  • One of the components of the system is broken, and the driver will infer it by hearing a strange sound coming from the car’s water pump, and all he has to do is replace it as soon as possible.
  • There is damage to the engine belt that connects to the water pump in the car, or it is not installed correctly
  • The cooling system has completely malfunctioned, and this can be observed when the engine temperature rises and the hood is opened, and the driver will then notice a large amount of smoke or steam coming out.

Complete cooling system failure can be observed when the engine temperature rises significantly, and upon opening the hood, the driver may notice excessive smoke or steam.

Can the Water Pump be Repaired?

Some of the causes of water pump damage in the car that we have just mentioned can be quickly resolved without the need for a specialist, such as ensuring the radiator cap is tightly closed or adding coolant. However, in some cases, especially when smoke is coming from the engine cover, the car owner should seek immediate assistance from a maintenance center to find an appropriate solution to the water pump damage.

What is the Expected Lifespan of the Water Pump?

The expected lifespan of the car’s water pump varies depending on the manufacturer, the engine’s condition, and the car in general. However, the average has been calculated to be between 100,000-150,000 km or 3-5 years.

What is the Price of the Car’s Water Pump?

The price of the car’s water pump varies depending on the manufacturer, the type of car, and its model. The specialized technician determines the type of water pump for the car based on this information. The size of the engine and the radiator also play a significant role in determining the type of car’s water pump, and therefore the price will vary.

Advice from Motorkoaster

Do not forget to perform regular checks on the cooling system, especially the car’s water pump. Its role in reducing the high temperature resulting from the combustion process is crucial. It is worth noting that the normal engine temperature ranges between 75-105 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds this normal range, never continue driving until you can get the necessary assistance from the nearest maintenance center.

It is also recommended to use cooling liquids specifically designed for this system, such as green or red radiator water. Never use regular water in the cooling system and the car’s water pump.

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