What Causes a Heavy Steering Wheel?

Often, drivers may notice a loss of control while driving due to a steering wheel issue. The steering wheel might start vibrating intensely, or the car’s steering might lock completely. In some cases, drivers face the problem of heavy steering, and this will be the focus of our discussion in the article below.

Causes of Heavy Steering

The reasons for heavy steering vary based on the type of steering system, whether it’s a regular, electric, or hydraulic one. The most commonly asked questions among drivers revolve around the reasons for heavy electric power steering. Below, we have compiled the main causes that make steering difficult in various types of cars.

Low Power Steering Fluid Level

The lack of power steering fluid in the car’s system can be a specific cause of heavy electric power steering or heavy steering in various types. It’s worth noting that low fluid levels can lead to other malfunctions if not replenished or changed.

Air Entering the Steering System

One of the prominent causes of heavy steering is the entry of air into the steering system, resulting in increased steering effort and causing various issues in different parts of the system.

Damage or Loosening of the Steering Belt

Drivers may experience heavy steering if there is any loosening or damage to the belt or pulley in the steering system. If the belt is slack or completely broken, it will reduce the steering’s activity and efficiency. Like any part of the car, this belt should be replaced periodically due to wear and tear.

Other Failures in the Steering Wheel

As mentioned earlier, the lack of oil in the steering system may cause other failures in the steering itself or in the column connected to it, resulting in heavy steering.

Malfunction of the Power Steering Pump

One of the crucial reasons for heavy electric power steering is the malfunction of the power steering pump connected to the steering system. Any minor fault in the pump can lead to heavy steering in the car.

Problem in the Steering Wheel Holder

The malfunction occurring in the steering wheel holder directly impacts the problem of heavy steering in the car, as it is one of the main components of the steering system.

Solution for Heavy Steering

You should first identify the cause behind the heavy steering to apply the optimal solution:

Cause: Low Power Steering Fluid:

Solution: Ensure there are no leaks in the steering system, and monitor the fluid level regularly.

Cause: Air Leakage into the Steering System:

Solution: Take the car to a maintenance center for proper air bleeding.

For other causes of heavy electric power steering or heavy steering in other types, it is advisable to immediately visit a maintenance center. A qualified person can pinpoint the issue and find the appropriate solution.

Tip from MotorCoaster

Regularly perform maintenance on the steering system in your car. Just as you are accustomed to checking and changing the engine oil, also make sure to inspect the steering system oil. Use high-quality, impurity-free oil. Additionally, as a reminder, visit maintenance centers for periodic checks on the entire car to ensure its safety from time to time.

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