Symptoms of a bad fuel pump

We have previously discussed one of the components of the car’s fuel system, the part responsible for filtering and purifying gasoline before it enters the combustion chambers. However, before gasoline reaches the filter and undergoes the necessary purification, there is a crucial component responsible for transferring this liquid from one point to another, known as the fuel pump.

What Does A Fuel Pump Do?

This component acts like a pump, smoothly transferring fuel from the tank to the engine. The engine’s performance is significantly affected when the fuel pump malfunctions, leading the driver to notice a decrease in the car’s performance on the roads or an inability to start it altogether.

Warning Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

We will mention a set of signs that, if noticed, indicate a malfunctioning fuel pump. In such cases, it is advisable to replace it with a new one by a qualified mechanic. Here are the key signs of a faulty fuel pump:

  1. Noises from the Fuel Tank. Unusual noises emanating from the fuel tank may signal a problem with the fuel pump.
  2. Decrease in Power and Engine Torque. The engine’s power and torque decrease due to insufficient fuel reaching the combustion chambers.
  3. Consistent Engine Overheating. Continuous engine overheating occurs when the engine does not receive an adequate fuel supply.
  4. Difficulty Starting the Engine. Attempting to start the engine may become challenging, potentially draining the battery.
  5. Inability to Carry Extra Weight. The car may struggle to bear additional weight, leading to a decrease in its performance.
  6. Increased Fuel Consumption. A malfunctioning fuel pump may cause an increase in fuel consumption due to the excessive flow of gasoline to the engine.

Tips and guidelines for protecting the Fuel Pump

To ensure the longevity of the fuel pump, car owners should follow these essential steps:

  • Avoid driving the car with a consistently low fuel level in the tank.
  • Refuel from reputable gas stations.
  • Regularly inspect the fuel pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my fuel pump needs replacing?
The fuel pump does not follow a specific maintenance schedule, but regular inspections are crucial. It can typically last up to approximately 160,000 kilometers before needing replacement.

Is it necessary to change the fuel pump?
Yes, the fuel pump should be replaced when any of the mentioned signs are observed to maintain the engine’s performance, power, and safety.

Can a fuel pump stop a car from running?
Yes, the engine may stop while driving due to the insufficient fuel supply from the fuel pump responsible for delivering it to the engine.

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