Top 5 Signs Indicating Brake Damage

Brakes constitute the primary and essential system for maintaining the safety of the car and its occupants. Brake damage is one of the most critical issues that should never be ignored, and there are various signs and indicators that alert the driver to the presence of a malfunction.

Signs of Brake Damage

In the following lines, we will present the most prominent signs indicating brake system damage.

Delayed Brake Response

The main reason for this is the depletion of the oil quantity in the reservoir due to oil leakage from one of the pipes. It is advised not to drive the car in this condition and to contact a specialized maintenance center for assistance.

Hard Brake Pedal

Drivers may encounter difficulty in using and pressing the brake pedal due to its stiffness. This problem can be quickly resolved by continuous pressing of the pedal several times until it softens. The cause of this issue is a malfunction originating from the brake pressure system or the “servo.”

One Wheel Stops Turning Before the Rest

A driver may notice this sign when attempting to park the car or decelerate. This can lead to the car veering in a different direction after pressing the brake pedal. The primary cause is the entry of a larger amount of air than necessary into the brake circuit at the connection point to the wheel.

Unusual Noise

The driver may hear a strange rubbing or squeaking sound when applying the brakes due to the decreased carbon material (“colyé”). In this case, the brake pads directly rub against the brake discs (rotors). Experts warn against driving the car in this condition and advise stopping immediately to avoid complete disc damage.

Steering Wheel Vibration and Clicking Sound

Vibration and a clicking sound are clear indicators of complete brake wear and damage. They should be replaced with new ones or ground down if their thickness is still suitable.

In conclusion, we have highlighted the most important signs that indicate an issue that should never be neglected. Instead, immediate action should be taken to visit a maintenance center or contact a specialized technician for assistance.

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