This is why the battery light is on in your car

The battery in your car is like any battery found in everyday devices, as it eventually runs out of charge and needs to be recharged. To make the charging process of this battery more efficient and easier, car manufacturers have added a charging system connected to the engine. This system is known as the alternator or dynamo, and it charges the car battery with the energy produced during the car’s movement.

However, the battery and its associated components may suffer certain damages, which can be observed when the battery light on the dashboard appears in red or yellow.

If you notice the battery light, make sure not to ignore it and pull over. Contact a specialist to examine it and identify the main cause of the problem. The following are some reasons for the appearance of the car battery light:

  1. Damaged generator belt: The generator belt connects the alternator, engine, and other accessories together. Over time, it may crack, break, stretch, or become misaligned. Any of these issues can cause the battery light to appear on the dashboard. The driver may also hear a squeaking noise coming from under the hood when starting the car or while driving.
  2. Damaged or loose generator wires: Another common fault in the car charging system is damaged or loose generator wires. In this case, the driver will also notice the battery light.
  3. Battery terminal corrosion: Corrosion on the negative and positive battery terminals is one of the main factors that cause the battery light to appear. If the driver regularly inspects the car and performs necessary maintenance, they can easily spot the corrosion on the battery, which appears as a mixture of various colors such as blue, white, and green. The presence of corrosion can be due to poor battery quality or high temperatures and humidity in the area.
  4. Loose or damaged battery cables: The stability of the cables on the battery terminals is a delicate matter that some people may overlook. These cables should not be tightly secured or completely loose. They can also be subject to damage, and when they fail to deliver the necessary electrical current to the connected car systems, the driver will notice a decrease in engine power and the battery light will appear on the dashboard.
  5. Excessive electrical system usage: When using a large number of electrical systems in the car simultaneously, such as air conditioning, lights, external devices, and others, the load on the alternator increases. The alternator is responsible for supplying power to the battery as well, and this increased load can lead to a decrease in battery charge and the appearance of the battery light in the car.
  6. Battery or alternator failure: Over time, both the battery and the alternator will reach the end of their lifespan, resulting in the appearance of the battery light. In this case, the driver should seek assistance from a qualified technician to replace the faulty part.

These are all the possible reasons for the appearance of the battery light in the car. Do not neglect this problem as the consequences can be severe. Seek immediate assistance from a maintenance center.

It is worth noting that if the battery light appears in red, it means that you should stop driving immediately and seek help. If it appears in yellow or orange, it indicates a problem that should be resolved as soon as possible. The driver can continue driving for a short period, but not for an extended period of time.

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