These Are the Best Technological Means That Have Made Driving Easy and Safe

Car manufacturers aim to make the driving experience in their vehicles smoother and easier than ever. In this context, experts have begun researching and exploring the most prominent and clever solutions to the problems faced by drivers and passengers on a daily basis. This meticulous research has resulted in various smart technological solutions, both simple and complex.

Smart Technological Means in Cars

In the following list, we will explore the most important technological means, which may seem ordinary to some, available in cars. It’s worth noting that this list will not include exceptionally modern and advanced technological specifications. Instead, it will highlight crucial solutions provided by some car manufacturers that have gained wide acclaim for solving various issues.

Opening and Closing Windows with the Car Key

This feature is primarily available in German cars, specifically Volkswagen. Many parents face the issue of children leaving windows open after exiting the car, which can be frustrating. To address this, Volkswagen introduced a smart solution that allows users to close windows using the car key without the need to reopen the car.

Crab-Walk Steering System

The conventional steering system is connected to the front axle (front wheels), making maneuvering in narrow streets challenging, especially for large and tall cars. However, the new electric GMC Hummer comes with a special feature called Crab-Walk. This feature enables the driver to steer both the front and rear wheels simultaneously, facilitating movement on various roads and making parking extremely easy.

Car Unlocking via Smartphone

Phone as key

Since mobile phones are no longer just for making calls, many brands have added a new feature that allows drivers to open and close their cars using a smartphone app.

Heated Front Windshield

While not a new technology, heated windshields are essential in countries with very low temperatures. Despite being present in many cars, it is not yet a standard feature worldwide, and some companies charge an additional fee to equip cars with this feature.

Adaptive Front Lights

This smart technology is available in many modern cars. Unlike regular headlights, adaptive front lights change the light beam direction based on traffic movement around the car, ensuring visibility is not compromised by the lights of other vehicles. Unfortunately, this feature is still optional in cars and has not become a standard feature across all models.

Safe Exit from Rear Doors

Hyundai has developed an exceptionally intelligent safety system that monitors surrounding vehicles before allowing rear-seat passengers to open the doors. This system automatically locks the doors to prevent passengers from opening them when there’s a passing car, bicycle, or other obstacles.

Foldable Magic Seats

Honda has introduced innovative Magic Seats that allow users to obtain smart storage spaces by changing the location of the fuel tank. Instead of being positioned under the rear seats, the tank is now placed in the rear, near the trunk. This allows users to fold the seats vertically, creating suitable storage space for bicycles and other long and large items.

Remote Parking Assist

This technology is designed to assist a wide range of people globally who face difficulty in parking in tight spaces or maneuvering their cars out of parking spots. Remote control of the car via a smartphone app is found in BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, and Porsche Cayenne.

Automatic and Manual Transmission

Buyers of sports cars may feel perplexed when choosing between manual and automatic transmissions. Koenigsegg, the Korean car manufacturer, has equipped the CC850 with a “hybrid” transmission. This allows the driver to switch between a 6-speed manual transmission and a 9-speed automatic transmission as needed. Additionally, a clutch pedal is included to support the manual transmission.

These technological advancements contribute to making driving more convenient, safe, and enjoyable for users.

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