Speed Sensor Malfunction in the Car: Symptoms and Causes

A malfunction in one simple part of a car can lead to multiple mechanical failures and errors without the driver’s knowledge. One of the most prominent issues is the malfunction of the speed sensor in the car, which is connected to various other parts and systems. Its failure may result in damage to the associated elements. For this reason, Motorcoster decided to provide useful information to acquaint you with the symptoms of a malfunctioning speed sensor in the car and the causes of this malfunction.

Car Speed Sensor

The speed sensor determines the speed at which the car is moving by measuring the rotations of the toothed wheel installed on the axis inside the transmission. This wheel is connected to the wheels and a set of sensors, all working together harmoniously.

Symptoms of Speed Sensor Malfunction in the Car

The speed sensor is connected to the various systems in the car so that they all work together in harmony. This sensor transmits speed data coming from the wheels, transmission, and engine and is sent to the car’s computer. If any defect is detected in the speed sensor’s operating mechanism, the Check Engine light on the dashboard will light up. The meters alert the driver, so continue reading the article below to learn about the most important symptoms of damage to the speed sensor in the car.

Check Engine Light Illumination

The illumination of the Check Engine light is one of the most common symptoms of a speed sensor malfunction. However, this light can indicate various problems and faults in different parts of the car. It is essential to take your car to a maintenance center to determine the cause and replace the speed sensor if necessary.

Incorrect Speedometer Readings

If the driver notices inaccurate and erratic readings on the speedometer without changing the speed, it is a significant symptom of a speed sensor malfunction. This can lead to unsafe driving and may result in traffic violations due to the driver’s inability to know the driving speed.

Cruise Control System Failure

The operation of the cruise control system is closely related to the functioning of the speed sensor. When the speed sensor fails to send the necessary data to the car’s computer, the cruise control system stops working.

Difficulty in Gear Shifting

The transmission system determines the specific timing for each gear with the help of signals from the speed sensor. If the speed sensor malfunctions, the transmission system may struggle to perform its function correctly, leading to difficulty in shifting gears or a complete failure.

Clutch Malfunction

The clutch, which is part of the gearbox, is connected to sensors and the speed sensor. If the speed sensor fails, the gearbox will be unable to engage the clutch and establish the required link between the engine and the transmission. This can lead to the car slipping, increased fuel consumption, and elevated transmission temperatures.

Causes of Speed Sensor Malfunction in the Car

In the lines above, we learned about the most important symptoms of damage to the speed sensor in the car, and now we will move on to the causes of damage to the speed sensor in the car:

  • The end of the sensor’s lifespan
  • One of the wires and connections is damaged
  • Water leaking into the car’s speed sensor due to rain or while cleaning the car
  • Damage and corrosion of the magnetic part; This leads to damage to the speed sensor in the car
  • An electrical short circuit led to an imbalance in the distribution of electricity between parts of the car

Can I Drive with a Faulty Speed Sensor in the Car?

As mentioned earlier, a malfunctioning speed sensor will prevent you from knowing your driving speed accurately, potentially leading to traffic violations. Additionally, interconnected systems may experience malfunctions, with the ABS system being one example. This could increase the risk of a regrettable traffic accident.

In conclusion, we have clarified the reasons for the malfunction of the speed sensor in the car and answered some of the most common questions on various platforms. If you notice any symptoms of a speed sensor malfunction in your car, head to a maintenance center immediately for the technicians to inspect the car and perform necessary repairs. Always ensure regular check-ups for your car to maintain it for the longest possible period and, more importantly, to ensure your personal safety.

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