How Can I Protect My Baby in The Car?

Parents strive tirelessly to ensure the safety of their children at all times and in all places, including short trips or long journeys.

Several factors contribute to keeping children safe inside the vehicle, such as acquiring the necessary skills to create a safe environment, having features and supportive protection systems in the car, and adhering to traffic laws and regulations applied in each country.

Tips for Ensuring Children’s Safety Inside the Car

Simple steps can make a significant difference. Your commitment to the following tips can contribute to ensuring your family’s safety while on the move in the car.

Choosing the Right Car Seat for Your Child

Selecting the appropriate car seat for your child is crucial when buying a new car. It can be chosen based on two criteria:

  1. Child’s Height: These seats are usually positioned to make the child face the rear of the car until reaching 15 months. Afterward, the seat is placed in the usual manner.
  2. Child’s Weight: These seats are divided into five categories, ranging from 0-36 kg.

Using Child Safety Locks

Most cars have the child safety locks feature for the rear seats. Don’t forget to activate this feature to ensure the doors remain locked during vehicle movement. It’s also advisable for the driver to control the opening and closing of windows to prevent injuries or children extending their bodies outside the vehicle.

Avoiding Eating Inside the Car

It is recommended to try to avoid children eating inside the car, especially during short trips. This is to prevent choking, as parents may not be able to stop or provide immediate assistance. You can keep children engaged with toys during journeys.

Fastening Seat Belts

Securing seat belts is a fundamental step for both adults and children. Therefore, parents should set an example by fastening seat belts before starting the car and until the engine is turned off. It is highly dangerous for children to be placed with adults during driving, as the design of the seatbelt allows protection for one person only.

Choosing a Committed Driving Style

You can always start anew if you have chosen a reckless driving style in the past. It’s time to commit to speed limits and driving boundaries to preserve the safety of your family.

Checking Your Car Before Leaving It

Young man repairing car on the side of the road

Children are at risk of suffocation and heatstroke if left in the car for long hours. Therefore, make it a habit to check the back seat before leaving the car each time.

Advising Children against Screaming and Crying While Driving

It is advisable to teach children certain rules to follow while riding in a car from a young age. Screaming and excessive movement may distract the driver and lead to accidents. This issue can be overcome by training children on activities that help calm them down.

Car Types Recommended for Child Safety

According to the European New Car Assessment Programme’s list for 2022, these are some of the safest cars for children:

  • Mercedes-Benz T-Class
  • Mazda CX-60
  • Tesla Model S
  • BMW X1
  • Nissan Ariya
  • Honda Civic
  • Hyundai Ioniq 6
  • Toyota bZ4X
  • Kia EV6
  • Alfa Romeo Tonale

The steps mentioned in this article can contribute to saving your child’s life in car accidents and protecting them from any potential injuries.

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