How do you Know if a Car has a Transmission Problem?

The primary function of a car’s transmission is to transfer commands and power generated by the engine and direct them towards the wheel axles, allowing the car to move gradually and smoothly according to the speeds set by the driver. Any malfunction in this part will significantly affect the car’s operation and movement, closely tying it to road safety.

Signs of Car Transmission Damage

We will list the most prominent signs of car transmission damage so that you can avoid any potential mechanical problems that may arise later. Transmission issues are not something to be ignored or postponed for later inspection; instead, they should be addressed as soon as possible to maintain the car and the safety of its occupants on the road.

Symptoms of Car Transmission Damage

  • Noticeable heaviness, slowing down, and a decrease in power when shifting between gears.
  • Spontaneous shifting of manual gears without driver input.
  • “Engine Check” light illuminating on the dashboard.
  • Observing transmission fluid leaks underneath the car, which is responsible for reducing friction and regulating the transmission system when its temperature rises.
  • Delayed response or an inability to shift between gears.
  • Hearing a continuous squeaking or rattling noise from the front of the car.

If you notice any of these mentioned signs, be sure to head to the nearest maintenance center promptly. It may be revealed that the problem is not primarily related to the transmission, as some signs such as hearing rattling noises or the “Engine Check” light may guide the technician to another issue in the car. Therefore, it is crucial for a qualified individual to inspect the car, prioritizing general safety on the roads.

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