Does Cruise Control Save Gas?

Cruise control in cars is one of the systems that has become a standard feature in all modern vehicles. This system operates by maintaining the car at a set speed, reducing the burden on the driver when it comes to frequently pressing the accelerator and brakes.

Importance of Cruise Control in Cars

  • Reduces acceleration and deceleration on the road.
  • Easily operated through the button on the steering wheel or the dashboard.
  • Allows the driver to set a constant speed.
  • Provides comfort for the driver on the road.
  • Reduces speeding violations.
  • Maintains a safe distance between your car and others, a feature available in the modern version (Adaptive Cruise Control).

Since this system mainly works to reduce acceleration and deceleration on the road, many opinions and rumors have spread suggesting that it reduces fuel consumption. As mentioned above, the driver will not need to press the accelerator pedal several times while driving. But is this true? Read on to find out what some energy efficiency centers have to say about this.

Does Cruise Control in Cars Save Fuel?

Acceleration and deceleration on the road lead to a 20% increase in fuel consumption, especially when the speed fluctuates between 75-85 km/h.

To answer the question above, according to some studies, cruise control in cars reduces fuel consumption by 7-14% because it keeps the car’s speed constant on the road. This opinion is supported by some energy efficiency centers, which also advise using it for maximum benefit. They emphasize its importance in preventing drivers from exceeding the legal speed limit.

It’s worth mentioning that the cruise control system in a car only helps save fuel on flat, uncongested roads. It is not recommended to use this system on steep slopes and hills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cruise control consume gasoline?
As we mentioned previously, some energy efficiency centers confirm that the cruise control system in cars works to reduce fuel consumption.

Is cruise control dangerous?
It is not recommended to use this system when you are tired, as it gives the driver the ability to relax and shift focus from the road. This could lead to severe accidents, as cruise control is not a self-driving system and cannot control steering or avoid collision risks.

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