7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Electric Car

With the advent of electric cars, those interested in purchasing these vehicles have begun considering several crucial factors to help them make the right decision regarding the purchase of the suitable car.

Buying Electric Cars

Below, we have compiled a list of questions that will assist potential customers before making a purchase. It’s important to note that the answers to these questions will vary from person to person based on the car’s intended purpose, as well as the differences in electric cars in terms of specifications and more.

Does the Electric Range of the Car Suit My Needs?

What does the electric driving range of the car exactly mean, and how is it estimated? Each company that manufactures electric cars provides a list of specifications and numbers needed by the buyer, and one of these numbers is the electric range—the distance the car can travel on a single charge (full charge).

Depending on your daily tasks and the areas you commute to, you can determine if the electric range of the car will meet your daily desires and needs. It’s worth noting that some companies offer the same model with both medium and long electric ranges.

Additionally, the weather conditions in your area should not be overlooked, as the electric car battery may be significantly affected by high or low temperatures, reducing the electric range specified by the company.

How Will I Charge My Car?

Car manufacturers now provide customers with home charging devices. A specialized team is sent to the customer’s home to install the charging device near the parking spot. Charging devices come in three levels, varying according to the voltage affecting the charging speed.

But how long does it take to charge an electric car? The following list illustrates charging devices at different levels and the time it takes to fully charge the car battery:

  • Level 1: 110 volts, taking between 8-24 hours to complete a full battery charge.
  • Level 2: 240 volts, taking less than 4 hours to complete a full battery charge.
  • Level 3: 480 volts, taking approximately 30 minutes to complete a full battery charge.

Some might wonder: Do I need to charge my electric car every day? We cannot definitively state whether an electric car needs daily charging, as each driver has a different usage pattern. It is not necessary to charge the battery daily, but it is recommended not to let the charge drop below 20% to maintain and extend its lifespan.

Are Public Charging Stations Available Near the Places I Go?

How do I find the nearest electric charging station? You should be fully aware of the locations of public charging stations provided by the government. Even if your electric car has a long electric range, it is reassuring to know that a solution is available nearby in case of emergencies. You can use applications like Google Maps, which now provides locations of electric car charging stations based on the area you are in.

Can I Use an Electric Car for Long Trips?

Measure the distance you will cover and decide before starting your journey. Check the car manual and try to be familiar with the car’s condition and its ability to travel long distances from one city to another. Even if the car has a long electric range, we mentioned that weather conditions can affect the battery and the speed of its charge depletion. If you plan on traveling long distances, look for the availability of public charging stations along the long route you will take.

Is There a Need for Another Car with a Conventional Engine for Emergency Situations?

If you cannot travel long distances or embark on very long trips with your electric car, then you may need to acquire a car with an internal combustion engine, whether it be a rental car or your own. This way, you can be sure that you will not encounter a problem with running out of charge.

What Should I Know About Electric Car Maintenance?

Generally, electric cars do not require as much maintenance as regular cars, as there are no fluids or filters that need to be changed and checked regularly. It is also said that electric car batteries are better than regular car batteries and last longer. Manufacturing companies intend that all the owner needs to do is perform a periodic check every 6 months, and it may be necessary to maintain the battery or, in some rare cases, replace it entirely.

What is the Battery Life?

The battery in an electric car is the main engine for the car to function efficiently. Therefore, it is advisable to ask about the battery’s lifespan and warranty before making a purchase. Additionally, inquire about maintenance costs and the price of purchasing a new battery. This will allow you to match these details with your personal budget.

In conclusion, if you can clearly answer these questions, it means you are ready to make the right decision regarding the purchase of an electric car. These answers may also help you realize that you are not yet ready to buy, and you may intend to continue driving cars with internal combustion engines.

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