4 Reasons for Fuel Gauge Malfunction in Your Car

The fuel gauge in a car is one of the most crucial indicators that a driver relies on daily while driving. When a driver notices that the fuel gauge is not working, they won’t be able to determine the fuel level in the tank, which may lead to the car stopping in the middle of the road due to fuel depletion.

Fuel Gauge Malfunctions

In the following lines, we will address the reasons for fuel gauge malfunction, explaining in detail the components of the fuel system that have led to the discovery of fuel gauge malfunctions.

What Causes Fuel Gauge Malfunction?

Due to the varied reasons leading to fuel gauge malfunctions, the procedures to be followed and the parts subject to replacement or repair will naturally differ. Here are the main causes that lead to fuel gauge malfunctions in a car:

Electrical Circuit Damage in the Fuel Gauge

In this case, the driver may notice that the fuel gauge is either fixed or moves randomly. The following are the key causes of this malfunction:

  • The float is not connected to the arm, leading to the malfunction of the sending unit.
  • Electrical resistance malfunction.
  • Rust on the wires related to the sending unit.

Frequent Movement of the Fuel Gauge

The driver may observe that the fuel gauge in the car moves randomly and does not stabilize at the actual fuel percentage in the tank. This can be due to:

  • Instability of the float arm, continuously moving.
  • Malfunction in the car’s fuel gauge electrical circuit.

Malfunction in the Instrument Cluster

The fuel gauge in the car is a crucial part of the instrument cluster. The driver may need to replace the entire instrument cluster or address a minor issue. It can be the main reason behind a fuel gauge malfunction.

Faulty Sending Unit

The sending unit in the fuel measurement system connects to the sliding voltage gauge responsible for changing the electrical voltage based on the data sent by the fuel gauge. When the sending unit malfunctions, it results in inaccurate readings on the fuel gauge.

Electrical Circuit Faults in the Fuel Measurement System

One of the components of the car’s fuel measurement system is the electrical circuit, and the malfunctions it may experience vary depending on its location. This can lead to fuel gauge malfunctions:

  • Wire corrosion and complete damage in the fuel pump unit.
  • Problems with the connection currents in the sending unit or the electrical indicator unit.
  • Damage to the electrical connection parts (ground wires) that make up the electric circuits of the fuel system.

How to Repair a Fuel Gauge

The car owner should take the vehicle to the nearest maintenance center to allow a qualified technician to inspect the components of the fuel system. It is advisable not to ignore this matter to prevent the car from stopping in an inconvenient location, such as a highway, without your knowledge of fuel depletion. Moreover, neglecting the issue may lead to the exacerbation of the problem from a fuel gauge malfunction to other mechanical malfunctions.

Always prioritize regular check-ups for your car to ensure its longevity and, more importantly, to maintain your personal safety.

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