12 tips on how to keep you car clean

A clean car can transform every journey, whether short or long, into an enjoyable experience. Dedicate five to ten minutes daily for quick car cleaning, and your vehicle will remain consistently clean. At Motory Saudi Arabia, we’ve compiled 12 tips for maintaining car cleanliness, along with an illustrative infographic for reference.

  1. Quickly clean spills, such as juices or oils, to prevent them from becoming stubborn stains. Swift action makes cleaning easier.
  1. Use a small brush or paintbrush when dusting the car. Pay attention to corners, the center console, and door gaps.
  2. Employ the small attachment provided with your vacuum cleaner to suction up dust, food remnants, and debris lodged between seats and hard-to-reach areas. Adjust the seat’s position to access hidden spots underneath.
  3. For cloth seats, mix a little laundry detergent or any cleaner with water. Use a small towel to gently clean by moving it up, down, left, and right to ensure thorough cleaning.
  4. For leather upholstery, it’s best to use leather cleaner to prevent cracks. Rub the cleaner on the leather seat, then dry with a small towel. Follow up with leather conditioner every six months for a clean and shiny seat.
  5. If you have tinted windows, opt for an alcohol-free glass cleaner to avoid damaging the tint.
  6. Achieve sparkling windows using a microfiber cloth during window cleaning.
  7. Don’t forget to clean rearview and side mirrors using the same method.
  8. Wipe the dashboard with a clean microfiber cloth to keep the instrument panel dust-free.
  9. Keep a towel under your seat to quickly address any spills on cloth seats. Instead of rubbing the spill, press the towel down to absorb it.
  10. Stubborn stains? Use a lightly concentrated cleaner to tackle them.
  11. When using a stain remover spray, accompany it with a clean cloth. Leaving the spray on the seat can attract more dirt and dust.

To eliminate red or colored stains, follow these steps:

  1. Fill 90% of a spray bottle with water and 10% with ammonia. Spray the red stain and wait.
  2. Place a clean damp cloth over the stain and press down with a hot iron.
  3. You’ll notice the red color transferring to the cloth.
  4. Repeat until the seat becomes clean.

By following these tips, your car will maintain its cleanliness, ensuring every ride is a pleasant experience.

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